Fixing C:CSM - Part 1 - Marks and Icons

As you may or may not be aware Codex: Chaos Space Marines isn't very all...not even slightly.

In the unlikely event that anybody from GW stumbles across my humble Blog i suppose I should be marginally more constructive than planning inventive ways of torturing Gav Thorpe to death.


Part 1 - Marks and Icons.

The problems.

1) Marks of Chaos don't really add much in real terms when you put them on a Chaos Lord or Sorceror and (up until recently) were only put on Daemon Princes so you could give them Lash of Submission.
2) On units I can understand them not having the same benefits as the 'Cult' troops, that's fair enough. What I don't understand is why they forget that they're slightly faster, tougher or whatever when the guy with the icon catches a bolt shell to the face. Apparently picking up sacred icons isn't covered in the 'So you've decided to turn to Chaos' handbook.

Solution to problem 1

Chaos Lords, Chaos Sorceror's and Daemon Princes should have access to a better Mark than an 'ordinary' Chaos Marine. Lets call them 'Greater Marks of Chaos' till I can think of something cooler.

Greater Mark of Chaos Undivided: +1S, Gains one free 're-roll' per game that may be used for any purpose.
Greater Mark of Khorne : +1 WS*, +1A, Furious Charge.
Greater Mark of Nurgle : +1 T, Feel no Pain, Defensive Grenades.
Greater Mark of Tzeentch** : Invulnerable save becomes 3+ (Chaos Lord), Rolls 3 Dice for Psychic tests and may discard one of his choice (Chaos Sorceror).
Greater Mark of Slaanesh : +2 I, Fleet, Defensive Grenades***.

* I'm going to make the Chaos Lord WS 8 basic so that +1 to WS will make a big difference.
** These are a bit lame but I couldn't think of anything better (for the moment).
*** Slaanesh is a tricky one as from a 'Fluff' point of view they should really have Feel no Pain.

Solution to problem 2

Units pay for a Mark. Feel free to make a nicely converted Icon Bearer but if he dies the unit still gets the 'Mark' upgrades it however loses the ability to use the Icon as a scatter prevention target for Deep Strikes. I personally think this is a decent compromise.

Note - These articles will probably get edited a lot as balance issues occur to me based on other changes.


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