FLGS* Tournament concept.

* FLGS is Friendly Local Gaming Store for those who didn't know.

First a couple of truths...

1) Most of us play against the same half a dozen people over and over again.
2) Real life prevents many people from playing against different opponents as matching schedules can be tricky.

I therefore propose a Tournament based around the following concepts.

1) I like 2000 points.
2) I'm guilty of both the points in the 'Truths' section at the top of this post ;-)

So onto the idea

Stage 1.
1) A sign up sheet will be posted in a prominent location in my FLGS.
2) Each entrant must hand in a typed (or at least neatly written) 2000 point legal army list to the tournament organiser (referred to as TO from now on).
3) Once a predetermined number of people is reached (Ideally 8,16 or 32 etc.) Each person will be given a randomly determined opponent.
4) A mission type and deployment type will be allocated (This will probably be determined before opponents are allocated in the interest of fairness).

Stage 2.
5) Each 'Pair' will have 7 days to arrange a 2000 point per side game who's result must be witnessed by either a member of staff or one of the people on a predetermined list (to be decided later).
6) Victory Points must also be counted for use in the event of a draw.
7) Results will be made available to the TO

Stage 3.
8) In the event that we have a nice easy to calculate number of entrants (8, 16, 32, 64 etc.) all the winners will go on to the next round. If that isn't the case then the top 8,16, etc entrants will go through to the next round based on wins first and VP's second.
9) Before opponent and mission are allocated up to 250 points of your army may be changed (This is to allow optimisation of your army through the tournament process). In this case a new army list must be submitted to the TO.
10) A different Mission and Deployment type will be allocated and another random set of 'pairs' will be selected.
11) We effectively go through stage 2 again but with a reduced number of contestants.

Stage 4.
12) We keep on going till we have an overall champion.

Though I think tournaments with prizes often can lead to less than honourable behaviour we could have each entrant put in a token 'entry fee' of £1 or £2 with the overall winner and runner up getting a percentage of the 'pot' each.

It's just an idea that has been at the back of my mind for a while now. If the idea can be fine tuned and enough people are interested I'd be happy to organise it.

As usual all ideas and criticisms will be gratefully received.

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