As I mentioned a few posts down I found an old project that I'd started a couple of years ago and then forgot about...

The idea was to build a more tank-like version of the Defiler that I could also use to 'Counts-As' pretty much any vehicle that had a turret, sponsons, a front mounted weapon or any combination thereof.
This would obviously involve magnets and luckily I happen to like using magnets so that wasn't a big problem.

The main gun is a Hellhammer cannon that I chopped off when I turned the aforementioned Hellhammer into a Baneblade. It's magnetised, as is the mount so I can swap it out if I ever need it to be something radically different from a battlecannon looking weapon.
The 2 sections on either side of the main body that have black plasticard in them will act as my sponsons. There's already a magnet behind them so I can interchange weapons mounted there as well. Firstly I'll build Autocannons for them so It's usable as a 'standard' Defiler and later I'll make some kind of Close Combat weapon (A circular saw or similar) to 'Count-As' Additional Dreadnought Close Combat weapons (my most used Defiler Wargear option).
Next stage will be to make a magnetised mount under the 'chin' so I can pop another weapon under there if required.

Progress so far...

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