2nd Company Project and Other Distractions.

So, I had assembled a few bitz and pieces that were awaiting an undercoat of Chaos Black followed by a dry-brush of 'Night Reapers' blue ;-)

3 Veteran Devastator Squads 'Count-as' Long Fangs,

3 Lone Wolves that are actually going to be part of 3rd Company but that had the good fortune to be sitting on my painting tray,

I haven't decided how much of my Tech-Marine will be in the traditional red colour so I've just given him a dry-brush all over and I'll paint over any parts I don't want in chapter colours in whatever shade of red I finally decide on,

Huron as 'Vulkan' seems to have been in the wars since I last dug him out and his spear arm has managed to both fall off and break. I'm not sure I liked the original that I made anyway,

It seems that I'd started to paint him anyway so he might not take as long as I thought he might. His cloak* actually looks better than I remembered so that bit will be staying.

* Which you can't seen in the picture which is a shame as It's the bit with the most painting done, lol.

In addition, what would a Space Marine Chapter be without a fleet of ships to get it to places so it can get shit done,

Most of these have been bought cheaply 2nd hand and re-painted, which explains the odd selection of vessels. Since I'm only making their fleet for my own satisfaction then I don't suppose it matters how much of it is a 'legal' list. In fact I suppose the random nature of the vessel selection is only to be expected with a bunch of renegades...

Tomorrow evening will be spent completing the rest of the basic details on the Long Fangs and maybe a bit of work on 'Vulkan' if I have any time left.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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