Thunderhammer Vs. Lightning Claw - Part 2

Carrying on from this article

So except in a few circumstances we had decided that Thunderhammer + Stormshield was better than a pair of Lightning Claws on Assault Terminators.

However somebody asked in the comments section whether that applied to Blood Angels with their whole Furious Charge/Feel no Pain Sanguinary Priest Gimmick.

To be honest I'm not sure.

To the Maths Cave.....

We'll pick on some Tactical Marines like last time or the results won't really tell us anything now will they ;-)

We'll just do the Maths for units charging as that's the only time that Furious Charge will make a difference.

Lightning Claw Terminators Vs. Tactical Squad.
Terminators 'Furious' Charging (+1 I, +1 S)
20 Attacks, 10 Hit, 6.67 Wound + 2.22 from re-rolls means 9 dead Marines.
1 Marine attacks back (presumably this is the Sergeant whom we gave a Power Weapon)
3 Attacks, 1.5 Hit, 0.75 Wound, 0.5 dead terminators after 5+ inv save.
That's 1.5 more than the non Furious Charge version and 4 more than the Thunderhammer guys in case your too lazy to check the last post ;-)

That would also be 9 dead Orks or 12 and a bit dead Guardsmen...

I suppose we might as well see how they do against our other test opponents the Rhino and the Tervigon.

Now there's a vague chance that they might penetrate the Rhino rather than attempting to glance it to death.

Lightning Claw Terminators vs. Armour 10
Vehicle Stationary.
20 attacks, Auto-hit, 3.33 hits penetrate of which 1.11 causes the desired wrecked/exploded result.
Vehicle moved up to 6"
20 attacks, 10 hit, 1.67 penetrate of which 0.56 result in wreck/explode results.
Vehicle moved over 6"
20 attacks, 3.33 hit, 0.56 penetrate of which 0.19 result in wreck/explode results

So we do a lot better Vs. Rear Armour 10 but still are nowhere near the damage output of the Thunderhammers.

Lightning Claw Terminators vs. Tervigon (WS 3, T 6, W 6)
Terminators 'Furious' Charging (+1 I, +1 S)
20 attacks, 13.33 hit, 4.44 Wound + 2.97 from rerolls
So that's one very dead Tervigon.

So they did 4 more wounds than the non BA lot which was enough to kill the Tervigon outright. This would however leave them out in the open during the Tyranid Players turn but as 90% of Tyranid guns are AP 4 or above that shouldn't worry them a great deal unless there's a lot of stuff pointing at them.

In conclusion.
So the Tactical squad is still dead, The Rhino is relatively unscathed and the Tervigon is dead in a single round of combat (which might not necessarily be a good thing as I stated above). Also any extra benefits we get will only be available if were doing the charging...

I'd still give the Blood Angels Thunderhammers even with the extra 5 point tax they have to pay because of the extra difference that 3+ inv. makes. Also those Thunderhammers would become S9 on the charge ;-)

Thoughts and Comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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