Marine Jet-Bike Prototype.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.....

2nd Company Captain - "You managed to retrofit our weapons to the vehicle then?"
Master of the Forge - "Yes Captain, the existing weapon systems were...unsuitable...I used ones more familiar to your Marines"
2nd Company Captain -"Can you make more?"
Master of the Forge - "If you can provide the raw materials, then yes"
2nd Company Captain -"Excellent"
Master of the Forge -"If you don't mind me asking Captain, how were these Dark Eldar persuaded to trade these materials?"
2nd Company Captain -"Do you recall our problems with over-crowding on the prison planet at the edge of our domain?"
Master of the Forge -"Yes"
2nd Company Captain -"There are approximately 10,000 less problems than before..."
Master of the Forge -"I see..."

My Command Squad need rides that sets them above the 'rank and file'. This seemed to fit the bill nicely.

Jet-Bike Prototype - Side View.

Jet-Bike Prototype - Top View.

Jet-Bike Prototype - Rear View.

Jet-Bike Prototype - Angled Views.

Jet-Bike Prototype - Front View.

My Command Squad will most likely be armed in the following way

: Command Squad (5#, 365 pts)
1 Command Squad @ 365 pts (Space Marine Bike; Veteran)
1 Apothecary (Unit on SM Bikes)
4 Veteran (Storm Shield; Unit on SM Bikes; Lightning Claw x1; Meltagun x1)

The standard bike armament of twin-linked Bolters has been added to the model as has the meltagun that the Rider has as war-gear. I believe that the spikes on the vehicle do a fair job of representing Lightning Claws. Not sure how to justify the Storm Shield yet, though...

Anyway, There's obviously a lot of tidying up to be done but the basic idea is there.

Thoughts, Comments and other constructive criticism is (as usual) most welcome.
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