Battlefleet Gothic Acquisitions

The 'Night Reapers' chapter has managed to salvage some ship parts from decommissioned Marine spaceships from the gigantic scrapyards around the star system known as 'E-bay'.
Their own personal Forge World has assured them that a bit of glue and a fresh coat of paint is all they'll need before they can be recommissioned as 'Night Reaper' vessels.

In separate news, an important lesson for the Ultramarines is never leave the keys to your Space Fleet lying around when there's a bunch of thieving renegades in the system ;-)

1x Battle Barge (complete)
1x Battle Barge (1 small missing part)
6x Strike Cruisers (complete)
1x Strike Cruiser (small parts missing)
4x Imperial Cruisers of various configurations.
Misc. flying bases.

Well over £125 ish worth of stuff for about £35.

Unfortunately the freezing temperatures combined with a garden full of snow means they won't be getting a fresh undercoat ready for repainting any time soon.

Now to write into my chapter background how they acquired so much stuff that seems to have previously belonged to the Ultramarines...
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