A HUGE project.

I have as usual got too many projects on the go at the same time.

A list of some kind may illustrate my point.

1) Shooty Space Wolves
2) Space Marine Bikers
3) Ironclads
4) New Daemon List
5) Fellblade
6) Etc.

And on it goes.

What I need is some brilliant way of turning all those ideas into one easily managed project...

No, I couldn't work out a way either. I can however work out how to turn it into two projects.

One HUGE one and a smaller one.

The smaller one (relatively) will be my new Daemon list which I will endeavour to complete a bit of each week or Brent will start getting all twitchy, lol.

The larger of the two will go something like this,

As some of you who have been following the blog for a while may know I have a 'Renegade' Chapter of my own creation called 'The Night Reapers' who have a rather fetching metallic blue colour scheme. They've been (in no particular order) Chaos Space Marines, Space Marines, Space Wolves, Blood Angels and for a brief time Black Templars.

As a consequence I have a lot of models at various stages of production with a wide variety of equipment load-outs that started off as a Space Marine Battle Company* most of which have never quite made it as a finished army (to a good painting standard anyway).

* Which was by the way the best value box set Games Workshop have ever released and should be rushed back into production as soon as possible...please...pretty, please...with sugar on top...

As the background for my Chapter (which I really must get around to compiling and publishing one day) interprets the Codex Astartes rather flexibly I can cram a lot more things into a Battle Company than traditionally would be allowed by a bunch of namby pamby loyalists ;-)

The upshot of all that is that will be attempting over the next year to have built (if it isn't yet, as I have most of this already**), under-coated (some of it is, some of it isn't) and painted (painted well I mean, as some of my earlier stuff was average at best) the following,

** It's fortunate that my Girlfriend doesn't read my blog because this lot would have easily paid for that holiday I said we couldn't afford, lol.

'Night Reapers' 2nd Company

1x Captain (he will probably be the Huron as Vulkan conversion I never finished)
1x Lieutenant
1x Company Standard Bearer
1x 'Chosen' Command Squad

2x Rhinos, 2x Razorbacks, 1x Damocles Rhino, 1 Land Raider Prometheus

Command Support.
1x Chaplain (Maybe 2 if I ever find the other one I remember buying)
1x Chief Apothecary, 3x Apothecaries (My Sanguinary Priests are actually 3rd Company so may not be getting attention any time soon, lol.)
3x Techmarines and Servitors
2x Librarians (these will be a bit more 'sorcerer' than librarian in appearance)

4x Rhino's (1 for the Apothecary with an appropriate paint-job, the other 3 for the Techmarines)

6x Tactical Squads
2x Assault Squads
2x Devastator Squads

8 Rhino's, 8 Razorbacks

4x Bike Squads
3x Veteran Devastator Squads (Long Fangs, obviously)

Vehicle Armoury.
1x Venerable Dreadnought
3x Dreadnoughts
6x Ironclad Dreadnoughts

6x Vindicators
3x Predator Destructor
3x Predator Annihilator
3x Whirlwinds

6x Landspeeder Tornado
6x Landspeeder Typhoon
3x Landspeeder Tempest

Air Support.
3x Hell Blade
1x Hell Talon (I don't have one of these yet but XMas is coming...hint,hint)

Superheavy Support
1x Fellblade

And I think that's it...

With that lot done I should never have to worry about whether I can field a particular list or not ever again...I hope.

I'd initially given myself 6 months for the project and then after checking just how much I had unpainted I doubled the time frame. If any Fluff Nazis feel like telling me that a Battle Company isn't configured that way then my answer is this...It's people like you that made us want to turn renegade in the first fucking place ;-)

Thoughts, Comments and queries about why they don't have any Thunderfire Cannons*** in their armoury are (as usual) most welcome****

***Except if they're really about Thunderfire Cannons, obviously.
****Don't ask about Drop Pods either!!!
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