A bit more organised.

In a vague attempt to give some kind of consistency to my usual disorganised mess of random posts I've hired myself a secretary.

Okay, not really...

I am however going to adopt the following schedule.

I'm going to move the planned series of 'Fluffy' Primarch posts from Sunday to Saturday starting with a brief overview of my revised 'generic' primarch stats.

I'm going to reintroduce 'Sunday Smackdown' with the slight revision that I'll actually roll dice rather than take a mathematical average.

Undecided as yet, but most likely a brief over-view of the last weeks model/army accomplishments and a run-down of which part of my 2nd Company project I'll be working on over the coming week.

A Link to my House of Paincakes Article for the week.

Wednesday - Friday.
I'll answer any E-Mails I receive and post anything else that I feel like.

Hopefully this will enable people to know when the things they're looking for are going to appear and also motivate me to actually do things that I say I'm going to ;-)

If anybody has any feedback about what they'd like to see on the blog or alternatively things they don't want to see then this is the post to tell me in. As a side note if anybody looks at the blog regularly could you please sign up as a follower so i can get some idea of who the 'regular' viewers are so I can modify my content appropriately.

I may also do something this weekend regarding the new 40K FAQ's or failing that wait till somebody else does all the work and just link to theirs instead.
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