How hard would a Primarch be? - Part 2

Carrying on from this rather fluffy post in which I gave my opinions on how powerful a Primarch would be, I have altered my basic template very slightly and renamed some of the abilities so they're a bit more Primarchy*

* Not a real word I know.

My basic intention was to create a 'baseline' Primarch template on which to add abilities in order to create the ones we know about. As they are all based more or less on the same DNA I wanted a set of statistics as a starting point.

Their wargear would be of a highly individual nature so I've just given him some armour and I'll leave weapons and additional equipment for when I do specific Primarchs.

This is what I came up with as that starting point.

'Generic' Primarch
WS 7, BS 6, S 6, T 6, W 5, I 6, A 6, Ld 10, save 1+/3+ inv.

Unit Composition - 1 (Unique)
Unit Type - Infantry

Primarch Armour - The most advanced technology in the Imperium has been utilised to create armour worthy to protect the sons of the Emperor. - Primarch Armour grants a 1+ Armour Save (A dice roll of 1 is still a failure however) and a 3+ invulnerable save.

Special Rules:
Acute Senses, And They Shall Know No Fear, Eternal Warrior, Independent Character, Might of the Primarch*, Relentless, Will of the Primarch**.

* Might of the Primarch - Though not all Primarchs chose the path of the warrior all have the physical might required to impose their will in combat. - The Primarch may re-roll any failed to wound rolls.

** Will of the Primarch - Not only were the Primarchs gifted with a portion of the Emperors physical make-up but that of his mind as well. - The Primarch and any unit he has joined can choose to pass or fail any morale test they are called upon to make and in addition his Leadership score can never be reduced below ten by any means.

This is going to be the base-line from which I attempt to put stats to all the known Primarchs.

I would like to do Curze first as he's my favourite, though I may save him till later and do some of the easier to quantify ones first. I may also throw in some special rules for certain of the Legions Marines if it seems appropriate.
I'll obviously have to ignore my personal biases as well as otherwise Gulliman will end up with a 'run to the Emperor like a whining little bitch' rule...

Thoughts, Comments, etc. (are as usual) most welcome.
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