Sunday Smackdown - Tzeentch Vs. Nurgle

So for the 2nd Smackdown were going to pit the most notable representatives of each of the Chaos powers against each other to find out once and for all who is the mightiest. As such a monumental battle should be squeezed for as much material as possible we'll be splitting it into 2 parts*

*Hey, If it works for Harry Potter films then I should be allowed to do it as well...

The parameters for the battles are contained at the beginning of this post with the addition that I'll actually be rolling dice rather than taking a mathematical average.

So onto the first pair of contestants.


WS 5, BS 5, S 4, T 4, W 3, I 5, A 3/4, Ld 10, Save 3+/4+

Armed with the Black staff of Ahriman and the ability to use 3 psychic powers a turn he should be a formidable opponent.


WS 5, BS 5, S 4, T 4/5, W 4, I 5, A 3/4, Ld 10, Save 2+/5+

Also a psyker and armed with a Daemonic Force Weapon and Terminator Armour he should put up a pretty good fight.

We'll let Ahriman charge first as Tzeentch would undoubtedly have known this battle was coming and planned accordingly ;-)

We'll let Ahriman roll for Warptime first as I've a feeling he's going to need it....

He passes with a roll of 9, Tzeentch is obviously on his side.....for now......

Both having the same initiative means regardless of what happens both contestants are going to get the chance to attack. But we'll see how Ahriman does first.

5 attacks on the charge less 1 because of Typhus's Blight Grenades, hitting on 4's he rolls and gets...2,4,5 and 6 so 3 hits then. Using his re-roll from Warptime he gets a 6 making a grand total of 4 hits He now needs 5's to wound due to the extra point of Toughness gifted to Typhus by Nurgle.

He rolls.....2, 3,5 and 6. Tzeentch is obviously helping out as he seems to be rolling well above average. Warptime's re-roll to wound gives us a 5 and a 6 making a grand total of 4 wounds. Leaving Typhus needing to make some Invulnerable saves.....

Typhus rolls 1,3,5 and a 6 so he's now on a two wounds. Unfortunately for Typhus Ahriman hasn't used all 3 of his psychic attacks so readies himself to incinerate the Herald of Nurgles squishy puss-filled head with his Force Weapon. A passed leadership test is all Ahriman needs.....

Resulting in a 3 and a 2 so he passes easily and Typhus dies quite spectacularly.

Of course there's a chance Typhus can take Ahriman with him.

Typhus has 3 attacks base and rolls a 5 for his Daemon weapon giving an impressive 8 attacks.

He rolls.....1,1,2,2,4,4,4 and a 6 giving an exactly average 4 hits.

An unexpected problem.
Here I came across a bit of a problem however. The entry for 'Manreaper' (Typhus's Force weapon) says that its treated as both a Daemon Weapon and a Force Weapon. The problem comes with the next bit though, which states 'Treat the Manreaper as a normal Daemon Weapon'. Now a normal (by which I mean non mark specific) Daemon weapon adds +1 to strength. A Nurgle Daemon Weapon however wounds on 4's due to being poisoned and as Typhus will be wounding on 4's anyway he'll get a re-roll to wound due to how the Poison rule works in 5th ed.
We'll air on the sensible side and presume that its a normal Nurgle Daemon weapon...

So our 4 dice to wound gives Typhus 2,3,5 and 5 and a re-roll on those 2 failed rolls result in.....another 2 and a 3.

Ahriman needs to save both of these or he may be getting his own head exploded if Typhus gets a chance to use his Force weapons abilities....

A 2 and a 5. That's 1 wound that gets through lets see what Typhus rolls for his Leadership

A 4 and a 6 making a grand total of 10.....

We'll they managed to kill each other.....How tedious.

Hopefully it will fair differently 2nd time around with Typhus getting the charge.
4 Attacks plus 5 from his Daemon weapon gives us an impressive 9 attacks. 1,2,2,3,4,5,5,5 and 6 gives us 5 hits and 3,3,3,4 and a 5 to wound. Our 3 re-rolls give us 3,5 and 5 making 4 wounds in total.

Can Ahriman save this lot or has Tzeentch got bored of him 1,4,4 and a 4 so just the one gets through. Can Typhus toast Ahrimans Egyptian looking head?

Double 6. That'll be a 'No' then. Typhus also fails his  invulnerable saves from Perils of the Warp so takes a wound.

A stroke of luck there for Ahriman.....Or is his patron looking out for him?

Ahriman's go. He passes his test for Warptime with an 8 so he's got his re'rolls to hit with his 4 attacks.

1,2,6 and 6 with a 3 and a 4 for his re-rolls to hit. 3 attacks it is then needing 5's to wound he rolls.....

Triple 4. Thank goodness for re-rolls.....3,3 and a 4....Oh dear.

1 wound each. So its a draw and onto round 2. Amusingly enough this gives us the opportunity to use a few more of Ahrimans various abilities.

Ahriman uses Warptime which he passes on a roll of 7. He also attempts to use 'Gift of Chaos' to turn Typhus into a Chaos Spawn.

He passes his Psychic test but unfortunately for him Typhus passes his Toughness test with a roll of 3.

Dammit, that would have been funny. Never mind...

Ahriman hits with all 4 attacks due to his re-rolls and after re-rolls to wound leaves Typhus needing to make at least 1 save to avoid a slightly annoying death.....1,4 and a 5. Fortunately for him he passes 1 of them but Ahriman still has a psychic test in reserve.....

A 2 and a 6.....Bye, Bye Typhus.

Typhus could still make this a draw as long as he doesn't do something lame like roll a 1 for his Daemon Weapon.

He rolls a 2. Which could have turned out a lot worse I suppose.

5 attacks resulting in 2,3,3,3 and a 4. Just the one then, maybe he's getting tired as that Giant Scythe must be pretty fucking heavy.

He gets a 2 to wound.....he really need's that re-roll.....he gets a .....3

A slightly unexpected win for Ahriman there. Apparently he's not as rubbish as I previously thought.

Well that was a lot more fun rolling dice than using Mathshammer. Not to mention the fact that if I used Mathshammer for this battle it would be a draw every time....

Next week Kharn the Betrayer Vs. Lucius the Eternal.

Thoughts, and Comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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