Back from the Chaos Wastes (Well Nottingham, Actually).

So a fun filled weekend was had by all and between all of the guys playing they only had 4 dick-head opponents. One of those was in a practice game the night before and two of the other three were the same guy twice.*

* He also had the worst painted army I've ever seen. If you call undercoat, grey guns and a few red markings 'painted' that is.

3 twats out of well over a hundred people is pretty good going for a tournament.....

Pictures will be appearing over the next week or so once I've allocated them all to individual people and deleted all* the embarrassing ones.

* Okay, maybe not all the embarrassing ones ;-)

Hopefully I can get the contestants to give me a few paragraphs on what they thought of the event to go along with their own batches of photos. With any luck the appropriate people will be able to make comments on their own albums that make sense of them as I have no idea what was going on for the most part.
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