Throne of Skulls - Ben

I'm sure you all know the format by now.....

A Word From Ben.
I had alot of fun at the event though id say its more of a Hobby weekend than a tournament. this way of running the event gave it a much more relaxed feel and everybody just seemed to have more fun rather than the pressure of an all out Tournament! for myself its not about winning or losing games but the crazy storys and events that happen during the match, and in this department the Throne of skulls delivered!! 

Throughout the event Prince Yriel not only payed for himself! but brunted the work of the two rather lazy and usless Wraith lords who may as well not bothered coming (and in one game they didnt!!)! in game number two after BOTH wraithlords failed there wraithsight on turn one of dawn of war (and subsequently died giving away two kill points before i even started) Yrial single handedly brought us back from the brink buy surviving 17 krack missiles then chopping his way thrugh 3 longfang squads and a rino before finaly getting boltered to death by a grey hunter squad, final count at the end of match 6-4 to my opponent not bad considering I started 2 kill points down!! and in game number four (also against space wolves) after a slow start inwhich one wraithlord Died to a power fist weilding grey hunter the other one spent two turns trying to figure out how his gun worked and both the wave serpent and the fire dragons had met there demise in some stupid way! entering turn 3 at 3-0 to my opponent Yrial puts on his game face duel charges a unit of 15 sky claws with a wolf priest and unit of 10 grey hunters all of whom evaporate under his template attack! during the rest of the game he finishes off the wolf priest, rescues the war walkers from some grey hunters and smashes up a rino! before being gunned down buy two rino storm bolters (doh!) leaving the wraith guard to mop up transports and stragglers end result 7-3 to me Win!!

moral of the story: the new tornement is fun, Prince Yrial HATES Space Wolves and bringing back dead things to fight wars only works on paper!

His Army List.
1500 Pts - Eldar Roster - Ben's Eldar

HQ: Yriel, Prince (1#, 155 pts)
   1 Yriel, Prince @ 155 pts

HQ: Farseer (1#, 153 pts)
   1 Farseer @ 153 pts ( Fortune ;  Guide ; Runes of Warding; Runes of Witnessing; Spirit Stones; Singing Spear)

Elite: Fire Dragons (7#, 226 pts)
   6 Fire Dragons @ 226 pts
      1 Wave Serpent (Spirit Stones; Vectored Engines; TL Shuriken Cannons)

Troops: Rangers (5#, 120 pts)
   5 Rangers @ 120 pts (Pathfinders)

Troops: Wraithguard (11#, 396 pts)
   10 Wraithguard @ 396 pts
      1 Spiritseer (Warlock) ( Conceal ; Spiritseer Upgrade)

Heavy Support: Wraithlord (1#, 140 pts)
   1 Wraithlord @ 140 pts (Flamer x2; Wraithsword; Bright Lance)

Heavy Support: Wraithlord (1#, 125 pts)
   1 Wraithlord @ 125 pts (Flamer x2; Wraithsword; Missile Launcher)

Heavy Support: War Walker Squadron (3#, 180 pts)
   1 War Walker Squadron @ 180 pts
      1 War Walker (Scatter Laser; Scatter Laser)
      1 War Walker (Scatter Laser; Scatter Laser)
      1 War Walker (Scatter Laser; Scatter Laser)

Total Roster Cost: 1495

And now for the all important pictures.

Game 1.
Vs. Tyranids - Result : Win

Game 2. 
Vs. Space Wolves - Result : Loss
Either nothing interesting happened in this game or it was extremely quick as I don't appear to have taken any pictures of it.....Sorry.

Game 3.
Vs Space Marines - Result : Loss

Game 4.
Vs. Space Wolves - Result : Win

Prince Yriel multi-charges 2 units.

Who uses his 'Eye of Wrath' to put quite a dent in them, completely destroying one unit and reducing the other to two slightly surprised looking Skyclaws.

Game 5
Vs. Dark Eldar - Result : Loss

Thoughts, comments and other input are (as usual) most welcome.
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