Blood Angels Newsletter from GW

So I have returned home to find this e-mail in my 'inbox'. 

Many people are now retracting the negative comments they made about the Stormravens appearance

I however still think it's fucking ugly and I look forward to ruining the day of everybody who uses them by shooting them out of the sky with Krak missiles on turn 1 while laughing evilly.

If however GW are (as rumoured) going to alter the rules so every Marine army can take them I hope they let Chaos Space Marine armies take them as well as that's about the only time I'd consider buying one.

It's still fugly though.....

Editors Note: There's a rotatable picture of it on the GW website right here if anybody want's to see the back as well (It's as shitty as the front imho).

New Blood Angels models available to Advance Order today
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