Throne of Skulls - Alex Y - Day 1

So this is going to be the first of the promised Throne of Skulls features. The information provided is as correct as the circumstances allowed so don't go all CSI on me if the points are a bit out or it was your list and I forgot about or didn't notice a Plasma Pistol that some guy had ;-)


You know that guy who always insists on doing the Waaagh! shout whenever he uses that particular rule?


Ever met one who can shout so loud that everybody stops playing and gives him a round of applause?

Well this one can, lol.

Alex is a die-hard Ork player who has through lots of game experience manages to avoid many of the inherent problems suffered by the average Ork player by the simple and effective tactic of.....not putting himself in that position in the first place ;-)

His current 1750 point list consists of the following,

Ghazghkull Thrakka,
Big Mek with Kustom Force Field,
3 x Lootas,
1 x Meganobz in Transport with Extra Armour,
5 x Boyz units with obligatory Power Klaw Nob with Boss Pole.

So without further ado.....Game One.....

Game One Vs. Dark Eldar.
Mission - Capture and Control, Deployment - Dawn of War
Result - Draw

Opponents Army List.
Archon (Agoniser? and Phantasm Grenade Launcher) + 7 Incubi in Raider
2 x 8 Wyches + Hekatrix (Agoniser?) in Raider
10 Warriors, Blaster and Splinter Cannon in Raider
5 Warriors, Blaster in Venom
4 True Born, Blaster in Venom
6 Reaver Jetbikes, 2 Heat Lance.

Significant Events.
1st turn, Razorwing fired all 4 missiles, only 6 dead orks.
16 wyches held up 25 orks, 5 mega nobs and Gazz for 10 rounds of cc, only Gaz and a nob walked away.
Mek held up the 6 bikes for 6 rounds of cc preventing them from contesting my objective.

Game 2 Vs. Blood Angels.
Mission - Annihilation, Deployment - Spearhead.
Result - Loss (Tabled).

Opponents Army List.
Librarian with Blood Lance,
Librarian Dreadnought,
Furioso Dreadnought,
5 Marines in Rhino,
2x 10 marines with Missile Launcher,
10 Jump Pack Marines with attached Priest,
Storm Raven,
Baal Predator,

Significant Events.
Turn 2 Waaaaagh, everything in. Re-posed for the photo and did a silent Waaagh, after that the dice fucked up, I should have pwnd him but turn 3 I had half an army, I couldn’t kill his Lib Dred and 10 Jumpacks killed 75 orks from turn 2 to turn 5 and the Furioso killed 40 orks. The Bastard.

Game 3 Vs. Blood Angels.
Mission - Sieze Ground, Deployment - Pitched Battle.
Result - Win (Tabled Opponent).

Opponents Army List.
10 Jump Pack Assault Marines,
Terminators in Land Raider,
2 x 10 Scouts,

Significant Events.
Turn 2 Waaagh. And he couldn’t bring enogh models in to bear. Mephison killed Gaz and 5 Mega Nobs, then got jobbed by 25 orks.

Okay, so that was Alex's first day. I'll post his adventures on day two...tomorrow...ish...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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