Warhammer Forge Newsletter 16

Warhammer Forge Newsletter # 16

Hi there,
            In this week’s newsletter, we are delighted to announce that Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos is now available to pre-order. In addition to this magnificent tome we also have another amazingly detailed character model from the Warhammer Forge team, Lietpold the Black, for you to pre-order too, and for those of you in the UK, there is also events news regarding the IPMS Scale ModelWorld show in November.
Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos available to pre-order now
Tamurkhan the Throne of ChaosThe first, and eagerly-awaited, Warhammer Forge book, Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos, is now available to pre-order.
This Warhammer Fantasy expansion book retells the brutal conquests and bloody battles of the Chaos Warlord Tamurkhan and his horde in their quest to attain the favour of the Dark Gods. In this 208 page, full-colour, hardback book you will find the saga of Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord, lavishly illustrated and darkly detailed, an extensive bestiary section and a campaign system allowing you to fight the battles of Tamurkhan’s horde in games of Warhammer. Also contained within this book is a fully playable Chaos Dwarf army list — The Legion of Azgorh — as well as rules for playing massive battles with forces drawn from the different Chaos Army books.
Printed on high quality paper, which presents the full colour artwork with an amazing depth and richness, each page is embellished with many tiny details, revealing never-before-seen vistas of the landscape and geography of the Warhammer world. The hardback, leather-effect binding, embossed with gold lettering, has been designed to emulate the faded binding of an arcane tome, down to the inclusion of the classic red silk-effect page marker.
Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 31st October, and the first 500 copies of this book ordered online or via our telephone line will be signed by the author, Alan Bligh.
If you’ve pre-ordered a copy at one of our recent Games Days, you will also receive a signed copy, and your orders will be among the very first to ship out.

Lietpold the Black available to pre-order now
Lietpold the BlackBorder Prince, mercenary general, wanted criminal and dastardly sell-sword, Lietpold the Bloody, also known as Lietpold the Thrice-Cursed, Lietpold the Butcher and Lietpold the Liar, is a man to whom profit is more valued than honour or loyalty. Renowned across the Old World for his bloodthirsty and treacherous exploits, Lietpold is a vain, arrogant, vicious, paranoid and cruel despot; as bloody a tyrant as any in the Border Princes.
Full rules for this dastardly scoundrel are available in Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos, allowing Warhammer players to field a mercenary force of similar malcontents led by this villain. Lietpold Turncloak is an amazingly detailed mounted resin character model, designed byEdgar Skomorowskii, and is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 31st October.

Forge World Events News
IPMS Scale ModelWorld: The International Centre, Telford, 12th – 13th November 2011
Forge World will soon be trekking to Telford’s International Centre for the IPMS Scale ModelWorld 2011 event. We’ll be bringing you more news about our presence at this show in the coming weeks, but for now we can announce that we are accepting reservation orders for this event.
As with our other UK shows this year, we’ll be taking payment in advance for reservation orders so that it’s much quicker and easier for you to collect them at the sales stand at your leisure, at any point throughout the weekend.
A reservation order is the best way of ensuring that we have exactly what you want, including our Show Only figures, so please call the Forge World Customer Service team on 0115 900 4995 to place your reservation. We’ll need your name and a contact e-mail address, and you’ll need your credit or debit card to hand as well. The cut off date for IPMS Scale ModelWorld reservation orders is 7th November – after this we can’t guarantee that we’ll have everything available for you.
Ead Brown
Customer Service Manager
Forge World
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