Throne of Skulls - Best Painted (Part 1)

There were a number of nicely painted armies at the ToS tournament on October the 15th and 16th but I'd be lying if I said that all of the armies selected for 'Best Painted' voting would have been the ones I would have picked. It seemed that the judges attention was drawn to certain conversions and styles rather than looking at the individual detail on a number of entries that were (imo) criminally overlooked.

However as I'm a crap painter and all the nominations were better painted than I would have managed then I suppose my opinion carries less weight than it might do if I had any talent of my own ;-)

I'm also too poor to buy a decent camera so the quality isn't exactly going to be winning awards either. Of course if you all want to click on enough adverts so I can buy a better camera then that's up to you lot, lol.

Anyway onto the first half of the entries that made it into the cabinets on the day.....

Blood Angels.

Space Wolves.

Grey Knights.


Space Marines.

I'll but the rest up in tomorrows blog post. Oh, and obviously thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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