Throne of Skulls - Chris - Day 1

Sorry about the gap but real life has an annoying and tedious tendency to interrupt my blogging time, lol.

Editors Note : If any of the owners of the opposing armies in these various articles would like to drop me an e-mail with some of their own opinions on the respective matches then I'd be happy to insert their comments into the appropriate reports if they so desire.

Next up is Chris's Blood Angels army. You might remember Chris's beautifully painted Space Wolves army from early this year. This years army was also extremely well done but sadly missed out on a best painted nomination but he's not the only person unhappy about the nominations anyway, lol.

Chris has his own blog but it's not exactly regularly updated, but I said I'd mention it so I have done ;-)

Chris's own list consisted of the following,

Chris's Blood Angels.
Captain = 100
Power Sword = 15

10* Tactical = 170
Meltagun = 5
Lascannon = 10

Assault Squad = 100
Power Fist= 25
Razorback = 55
Assault Cannon =35 (-35 for no jump packs)

Assault Squad = 100
Power Fist= 25
Razorback = 55
Assault Cannon =35 (-35 for no jump packs)

Assault Squad = 100
Power Fist= 25
Razorback = 55
Assault Cannon =35 (-35 for no jump packs)

2* Attack Bikes = 80
2* Multi-melta = 20

Baal Predator = 115
Heavy Bolter sponsons =30

Baal Predator = 115
Heavy Bolter sponsons =30

Scouts = 75
5* Camo Cloaks = 15
Missile Launcher = 10

Furioso = 125
Blood Talons = 0

Stormraven = 200
Twin-linked Multi-melta = 0
Hurrican Bolters = 30
Extra Armour = 15

Game 1 Vs. Space Wolves.
Mission - Capture and Control, Deployment - Dawn of War.
Result - Draw

Opponents Army List.
Wolf Lord,
Rune Priest,
6 x Wolf Guard,
3 x 8 Grey Hunters with attached Wolf Guard in Rhino.
2 x Long Fang Units c/w Missile Launchers,
Land Raider.

Significant Events.
Indestructible Land Raider on my objective (Angry face).

Game 2 Vs. Orks.
Mission - Annihilation, Deployment - Spearhead.
Result - Win

Opponents Army List.
2 x Big Mek c/w Kustom Force Field,
3 x 3 Killa kanz,
2 x Deff Dreds,
44 x Boyz (I'm not sure how many squads these were divided across and Chris doesn't say),
30 x Lootas (again, I'm not sure if these were 2 x15 or 3 x10 or some mixture),
3 x Buggyz with Rokkits.

Significant Events.
13 - 3 (I'm guessing that it's the result that's significant to Chris but I could be wrong, lol)

Game 3 Vs. Eldar.
Mission - Sieze Ground, Deployment - Pitched Battle.
Result - Draw

Opponents Army List.
Fire Dragons,
Dire Avengers,
Striking Scorpions.
(some of these were obviously in transports but Chris doesn't say which)

Significant Events.
'Jammy' taking objectives (I'm not sure whether Chris is referring to himself or his opponent but given the average Eldar players tendency to 'steal' objectives at the last minute with fast moving vehicles you'd have to leap to certain conclusions....)

We'll finish off Chris's games tomorrow after which we'll be moving onto those of Mike.
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