Throne of Skulls - Chris - Day 2

Following on from Day 1,

There's not a lot of notes for Chris's pair of games from day two but fortunately the next two people's articles have quite a lot of detail so that should make up for it.

Game 4 Vs. Tau.
Mission - Annihilation, Deployment - Pitched Battle.
Result - Win.

Opponents Army List.
Commander + 2 Guards,
4 x Fire Warriors,
4 x Devilfish,
3 x 3 Broadsides.

Significant Events.
Apparently at one point Chris rolled an improbable four sixes to Rend with one of his Assault Cannons.

The giant finger in the sky directs it's troops towards the enemy.

The pinnacle of Tau anti-armour technology.....hides behind some Devilfish... 

I hope that transports moved far enough so that Dreadnought is hitting on 6's...

Editors Note : This game didn't last particularly long as the Blood Angels speed and fire-power seemed to take the Tau player completely by surprise. Though to be fair some bad dice rolls may have had an impact as well.

Game 5 Vs. Imperial Guard.
Mission - Sieze Ground, Deployment - Dawn of War.
Result - Draw.

Opponents Army List.
Company Command Squad c/w Creed and Kell,
Command Squad with Plasma,
2 x 3 Infantry Platoons with Lascannon,
1 x Veteran unit with 3x Meltaguns,
2 x Sentinels.

Editors Note: There were definitely some Leman Russes on the table when I was watching the game as well as some Chimeras and the pictures seem to agree with my recollection of events, lol.

Significant Events.
Apparently there weren't any.

Apparently that model in particular was being singled out for destruction...

The players appear to have given up and gone home...

...and they're back.....

Well that's Chris's day two come to an end with his total results adding up to two wins and three draws.

Next up will be Mikes Blood Angels...
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