Throne of Skulls - Alex Y - Day 2

Following on from Day 1 we have rather predictably.....Day 2 ;-)

Game 4 Vs. Black Templars
Mission - Annihilation, Deployment - Pitched Battle.
Result - Win

Opponents Army List.
Commander c/w Chainfist,
2 x 10 Terminators, 3 c/w Lightning Claw and 7 c/w Thunderhammer,
2 x 6 Marines Lascannon + Plasmagun,
2 Vindicators.

Significant Events.
I was lucky to win this, I multi charged one squad of 10 termies with 3x 25 orks and 1x 20 orks and only took 8 casuties, killed 2 of his meaning I lost 18 orks on the fearless armour saves, this could have easily been twice that!
The vindis killed one squad of 25 orks with only the Nob surviving he survived one shell on his head by going to ground and then another failing to wound, saving me a kill point. Another was his leader failing 4 out of 7 2+ saves saving my big mek and yet another was 4 Lootas who survived a direct hit from a vindi and he rolled 4 1’s.

He was very unlucky. . . I did also get him to roll 34 wounds for his Termies in the second round of that big combat and he failed 4 saved on the Thunderhammer’s who hadn’t attacked yet. . . Did I say he was unlucky.

First Terminator save of the game and it's a bloody one...his luck stayed consistently this bad for the rest of the game.

Apparently if an Ork really believes that a Vindicator shell can't hurt it then it doesn't.....

Not statistically average rolling methinks.....
Game 5 Vs. Imperial Guard
Mission - Sieze Ground, Deployment - Dawn of War.
Result - Win

Opponents Army List.
HQ 3 Melta + Chimera (HB),
Vets 3 Melta + Chimera (HB),
Vets 3 Melta + Chimera (HB),
Vets 3 Plas + Chimera (HB),
Vets 3 Plas + Chimera (HB),
Vets 3 Plas + Chimera (HB),
2 Hydras,
2 Leman Russ,
Exterminator c/w Plasma Cannon Sponsons.

Significant Events.
I couldn’t decide between Gaz up front or Mek so diced for it and the Mek won. Him and 50 orks in the middle of the table. Turn 2 Waargh and only 6 and 3 were left but made it to his lines and took out 2 hydras, the exterminator and stun locked 3 chimeras. After that I rolled up his left flank and managed to win 3 objective to none. He said afterwards that the army scared the shit out of him and he didn’t move so he could fire more. I pointed out that had he just rolled forwards he could have tankshocked me off the objectives and bunched me up into ordance formation. Also if he’d had Heavy Flamers on the front of his Chimeras instead of Heavy Bolters, he would have messed shit up!

Well that's Alex's tournament adventures completed. Next lot will probably go up on Monday and will feature either Mike or Chris depending on which is simplest to compile, lol.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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