Chaos Terminators.

So given my recent experiment in 'foot' Assault Terminators I thought I'd try out a few Terminator heavy lists in an effort to revitalise my 'hobby' interest.

Of course to do that will probably require a bit of converting so I thought I'd do a quick inventory of what I had to work with. Apparently my obsession with Terminators when Apocalypse was first released was a bit more severe than I remembered.

They're (for the most part) either poorly painted or poorly posed or both, lol.

As they're Chaos Terminators the standard wargear loadout is Twin-Linked Bolter + Power Weapon.

I have...

10x Standard Chaos Terminators
12x Combi-Plasma
3x Combi-Plasma + Power Fist
12x Combi-Melta
5x Combi-Melta + Chainfist
8x Chainfist
4x Power Fist
2x Heavy Flamer
4x Heavy Flamer + Chainfist
8x Reaper Autocannon
5x Thunderhammer + Storm Shield
1x Terminator Lord
1x Terminator Lord + Combi-Melta

That's not including my 'Counts As' Abaddon or my 10 already started Assault Terminators that I did a basic paint job on for the Tournament last Sunday.

86 in Total.

Plenty to work with so hopefully I can come up with a semi-competitive set of lists sometime soon or at least have somebody suggest some if anybody has any ideas.

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