Fixing C:CSM - Part 8 - Typhus

This guy doesn't need much tweaking to make him viable, but to be honest I didn't really know how powerful I should make the 'Destroyer Hive' ability.

Editors Note : I've completely rewritten 'Destroyer Hive' as my first attempt sucked.

Typhus - 225 points

WS 5, BS 5, S 4, T 5, W 4, I 5, A 3, Ld 10, Save 2+

Unit Type - Infantry (Unique)

Number/Squad - 1

- Terminator Armour
- Manreaper *
- Personal Icon
- Greater Mark of Nurgle

* Manreaper - The Manreaper is a gigantic scythe that counts as both a Daemon Weapon and a Force Weapon and gains all the benefits of both. In addition the Manreaper counts as poisoned (2+)

Special Rules
- Fearless
- Eternal Warrior
- Independent Character
- Feel No Pain
- Aura of Pestilence **
- Destroyer Hive ***
- Herald of Nurgle ****

Psychic Powers
- Nurgles Rot
- Breath of Chaos

** Aura of Pestilence - Typhus Counts as being armed with both Assault and Defensive Grenades.

*** Destroyer Hive - Typhus's body is host to a horrific plague that manifests itself as a swarm of insects that pour from the cracks and vents in his armour- Once per game Typhus can unleash the Destroyer Hive with the following effect. All non vehicle units and units in transport vehicles that count as open topped within 14" of Typhus take D6+1 automatic hits at S2 (roll for each unit effected individually). These hits ignore both armour and cover saves (invulnerable saves may be taken as normal).

**** Herald of Nurgle - Typhus may use both his psychic powers and his Force Weapon in the same turn, He automatically passes his psychic tests for his psychic powers but must roll for his Force Weapon as normal. Typhus may choose to ignore any effects caused by enemy Nurgle Psychic powers or gifts that have him in their area of effect, in addition poison weapons count as normal weapons when used against him.

So he now has all the useful abilities he used to have and might actually survive long enough to use some of them now.


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