UK Games Expo 2010 overview

So I went to this 1500 point tournament on Sunday with a list that I didn't consider to be particularly competitive and that I'd never actually used in a game before. Finished somewhere around the middle of the pack (16th or so if I remember correctly).

The tournament was well organised and knobhead free (as far as my experience went anyway). Plenty of room to move around the tables, enough time to finish games (apart from the few Guard vs. Orks match-ups), had decent prizes and was conducted in a professional, efficient but friendly way by the 2 organisers (Leon and a gentlemen who's name I've unfortunately forgotten, sorry).

6 armies were selected out of the ones there for a vote on best painted. This was kept as a completely separate prize and didn't effect the Battle Points which I think is the right way to do it (I hate 'Soft' scoring of any kind in tournaments).

My only minor gripe (other than my reservations about 1500 points games) was that for the sake of speed (for I can think of no other reason) Kill Points were used to divide up those on equal scores rather than the usual Victory Points method. As it turned out this made no difference to the end result but imo could cause problems at a larger event.

I would be happy to play at any event run by Leon again as it was (to my surprise I must admit) among the most enjoyable and well run events I've been to in a long time.

The list I used is in this post.

These battle reports are going to be brief in the extreme as I didn't take notes (or pictures for that matter).

Deployment and Missions are listed here.

Game 1 - Vs. Imperial Guard.
My opponents army was the usual guard 'Mech' heavy with Infantry bubblewrap that I've come to expect. I split my Assault Terminators into 2 combat squads and marched 1 towards my opponents objective and 1 towards the opposite flank in order to draw fire. Fortunately using a combination of fire power and Assault (when I finally reached his objective) I managed to butcher his objective holding units. Unfortunately my 1 melta speeder wasn't enough to stop his wall of armour 14 and he managed to contest my objective making the game a draw.

Game 2 - Vs. Chaos Space Marines.
When your facing 3 Land Raiders filled with Berzerkers with 2 Lash Princes hiding behind them and you have 1 Melta weapon your expecting to have a hard time (which I promptly did). Normally 3 Predators should carve up 2 Daemon Princes fairly easily but poor dice rolls to hit and wound his Daemon Princes from my Predators meant My Terminators spent more time moving backwards than forwards, lol. Other than getting a bit picky towards the end in an effort to get an extra Kill Point in a game he'd already obviously won It was a fairly amusing if predictable game.

Game 3 - Vs. Imperial guard.
A fairly standard Chimera heavy army, supported by a pair of Vendettas and a Medusa. The only notable features were a tri heavy bolter Punisher Leman Russ Tank with Pask and an Inquisitor with Mystics. First turns shooting was effectively nullified by the 'Dawn of War' set-up. I used Gate of Infinity to move my Terminators forward and they promptly scattered 11" into range of the Inquisitor so they promptly got 'Punishered' and then the same again in his next shooting phase as everything that could fire at them did. The last 2 and the Librarian were killed by a Charge from 10 Rough riders led by Mogul Kamir. They turned out to be his only Kill Points however. The rest of my army was ignored due to the threat factor of the Terminators and promptly Lascannoned all his transports open and then killed the soft Guardsmen contents within. Fairly easy win to me.

Game 4 - Vs Chaos
Dual Lash again (1 Prince and 1 Sorceror), 1 Land Raider with Berzerkers, 2 Rhino's with Plague Marines, A Havoc Squad with Missile Launchers and some Lesser Daemons. Having only 3 targets I could actually hurt (The Prince was hiding first turn) I made his Rhino's useless and reduced The Havocs severely. My Librarian appeared to have turned his Psychic Hood on this game and managed to nullify most Lash attempts. The Assault Terminators personally butchered an entire flank on their own. Due to the Landspeeder not turning up till turn 5 There wasn't a lot I could do about the Land Raider which was contesting the middle objective and the Plague Marines on the furthest one from me refused to die, lol. The difference between a win and a draw depended on an extremely close bit of measuring to an objective from the hull of one of my Razorbacks. As my opponent had had a lot of bad luck and I was out of the running for a decent placing anyway we called it a draw.

I think with practice I could actually make this army work quite well for me but it does have issues with Land Raiders which I would need to address if I was to take it to another Tournament.

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