Fixing C:CSM - Part 5 - Chaos Cultists.

I like the idea of a massive expendable meatshield charging towards the enemy, though that might just be because I read 'Storm of Iron' by Graham McNeill 6 times a year ;-)

Editors Note : Modified several times based on feedback.

'New' Troop Choice.

Chaos Cultists - 3 points each

Cultist - WS 2, BS 2, S 3, T3, W 1, I 3, A 1, Ld 7, Save 6+
Herald - WS 3, BS 3, S 3, T3, W 1, I 3, A 2, Ld 8, Save 6+

Unit Type - Infantry, Number/Squad 10-50

Units of Cultists do not use up any force organisation chart selection slots, but are otherwise treated as a Troops unit. There may not be more Cultist units in the army than other Troops choices.

Close Combat Weapon, Scavenged Rifle*

* Scavenged Rifle - Cultist arm themselves with a variety of stolen, 'acquired' or improvised weapons from a variety of sources - Regardless of what weapon is represented on the model all Cultists weapons use the following profile.

Scavenged Rifle - Range 18", S 3, AP -, Assault 2
Scavenged Pistol - Range 12", S 3, AP -, Pistol

One model may be upgraded to a Herald for 10 points.

He may swap his Rifle for a Pistol for free
He may replace his Close Combat Weapon with an Eviscerator for 15 points
He may have Meltabombs for 5 points

One model may be given a Personal Icon for 5 points

The whole unit may replace their Rifles for Pistols for Free

For every ten Cultists in the unit one model may exchange his Rifle or Pistol for the following.
- Flamer - 5 Points

The entire unit can take any of the following upgrades.
- Frenzon Dispenser** - 1 point per model
- Improvised Explosives*** - 1 point per model

** Frenzon Dispenser - This primitive injector floods the Cultists bloodstream with a mix of stimulants and narcotics that heighten both their strength and reflexes. Such a boost to the system is not without It's consequences however...
The controlling player may declare that he is going to use the dispenser at the beginning of the Assault Phase. The unit then gains the Furious Charge special rule for that Assault Phase only. At the end of the Assault Phase the unit must remove D6 models as casualties. These casualties are taken at the end of the Assault Phase after all normal required tests have been made and therefore do not count towards combat resolution.

*** Improvised Explosives - Pipe bombs, petrol bombs and primitive grenades can all be made simply but are still crudely effective.
The unit counts as being armed with Frag Grenades.

I just think Cultists are a cool idea and at least it makes themed Alpha Legion armies possible. I'm not sure whether more options are need or if that will do. Must resist the urge to make up dozens of new special rules...

Opinions are (as always) welcome.

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