Fixing C:CSM - Part 9 - Possessed

Possessed are a lot more cursed than gifted from a game point of view.

1) Having to roll for their random ability after you deploy is just stupid.
2) They're too expensive points-wise
3) They need a way of hurting vehicles.

From a 'Fluff' point of view possessed are extremely powerful assault units that are quite capable of tearing holes in vehicles and ripping to pieces the squishy contents. A number of rules can reflect this, Rending being the most obvious with Furious Charge, Fleet, Feel no Pain and any number of others also being appropriate. Of course we should really save Furious Charge for the 'Fixing Khorne Berzerkers' article, lol.

Let's look at the 'Possessed abilities table' for a moment...

1) Scouts - Can't see this one being appropriate at all
2) Furious Charge - This ones okay but I'm of the opinion that Daemons are always pretty angry and therefore this should be reflected in their base profile
3) Fleet - Again I don't see this one as being particularly in character
4) Rending - This ones spot on for reasons I've already mentioned
5) Feel no Pain - A possibilty but I'd like to keep this more for the Nurgle units.
6) Power Weapon - Overpowered for the points cost I'd like to give them.

Now I have 3 viable options for how I do this...

1) Keep a random table but have it rolled for before deployment and remove the inappropriate abilities.
2) Allow you to purchase individual abilities for appropriate points.
3) Just give them a standard set of abilities, with upgrades being applied by Mark.

Decisions, Decisions...

Possessed Chaos Space Marines - 23 points each

Possessed - WS 5, BS 2, S 5, T 4, W 1, I 5, A 2, Ld. 10, Save 3+/5+
Champion - WS 5, BS 2, S 5, T 4, W 1, I 5, A 3, Ld. 10, Save 3+/5+

Unit Type - Infantry, Number/Squad 5-20

Power Armour, Close Combat Weapon.

Special Rules
Fearless, 5+ Invulnerable Save, Rending.

One model may be upgraded to a Champion for 15 points

He may replace his close combat weapon with one of the following, but if he does so he loses the 'Rending' special rule.
- Power weapon - 15 points
- Power Fist - 25 points

The unit may be given one of the following Marks
- Slaanesh (+1 I) - 15 points
- Khorne (+1 A) - 25 points
- Nurgle (+1 T) - 40 points
- Tzeentch (+1 Inv. Save) - 35 points

Options - The entire squad must have the same options upgrades
Daemonic Flight - The unit type becomes Jump Infantry - 10 points per model.
Note - Any model with the Daemonic Flight upgrade must be converted appropriately

Squads without the 'Daemonic Flight' upgrade may have a Chaos Rhino dedicated transport.

So now their better in a fight, can hurt vehicles (with the appropriate upgrades) and might actually be worth taking. I added the 'Daemonic Flight' option as I quite like the possessed models with the wings and thought that anybody who has modelled a unit all with wings should be able to use that option in-game.
Also before anybody raises issues of them being overpowered bear in mind that a unit of 10 with a Power Fist Champion would cost 270 points and that's without a Mark or a Transport.


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