Fixing C:CSM - Part 6 - Obliterators

Editors Note - Modified based on feedback, got rid of champion option as it seemed out of place. I think It's about spot-on now.

Obliterators have always been the 'Swiss Army Knife' of units. Unfortunately 5th. Ed. has made vehicles a lot harder to kill and Kill Point missions have made single Obliterator suicide Deep Strike units a bit of a liability.

Stuff we'll be keeping.
1) Without all those weapon options they wouldn't be Obliterators now would they?

Stuff they need.
1) Increased Survivability - How difficult is it to kill a standard Terminator? How about 2? The answer is 'Not Very' therefore our unit needs to be as tough as a shape changing gun platform with Plasma for blood should be ;-)
2) An anti-infantry weapon option
3) Appropriate points cost - In 4th. Ed. they were probably priced about right, now...not so much.

Stuff that would be cool.
1) An upgrade character of some kind - I've changed my mind about this.

Obliterator Cult - 70 Points Each

Obliterator - WS 4, BS 4, S 4, T 5, W 2, I 4, A 2, Ld 10, Save 2+/5+

Unit Type - Infantry, Number/Squad 1-3

Wargear - Power Fist, Obliterator Weapons*

* Obliterator Weapons - The unit may select one of the following weapons per turn - Lascannon, Multi-Melta, Plasma Cannon, Multi-Laser, Heavy Flamer, Twin-Linked Plasma Gun, Twin-Linked Meltagun.

Special Rules
Fearless, 5+ Invulnerable Save, Slow and Purposeful, Deep Strike.

There you go. They're now slightly harder to torrent to death and slightly more survivable Vs. Heavy weapons than they were before and they have a ranged anti-infantry weapon option. Their points cost has been reduced to take into account there limitations in this new world of Mech.

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