To Do List.

I have reached that stage so familiar to many of us...

That is I have had far to many bright ideas and have completely failed to complete any of them. A few things can be completed to a minimum painting standard fairly easily...Other projects...not so simple.

Some kind of priority list could be useful, but I think I'll limit myself to the 3 I'm most likely to complete.

1) My Mech Marines have been hovering at the almost painted stage for a while now and won't require much effort to complete.
- Razorback turrets need painting
- Typhoon Speeders need squad markings on vehicles and pilots
- Terminator Librarian needs a base making and a basic paint-job

2) Chaos 'Counts As' Blood Angels Jump Pack army.
- 2 More Assault Squads, Honour Guard, 2 Priests and 1 Librarian to paint
- Vanguard Squad needs building and painting.

3) Bike(ish) Army
- Everything needs painting and basing
- Command Squad needs building (Haven't 100% decided how I'm even doing them yet)
- Typhoons need finishing, but they should be done as part of project one anyway

That's all my spare time for the next month allocated, which is a shame as I'm dying to finish my Defilertank and start on my first Ironclad. Maybe I'll reward myself with those after I actually finish each of the 'big three' projects.

Of course I need to sort through this lot as well at some point

The worrying part is that that is only about a 3rd of the crap I've got piled up, lol.

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