Fixing C:CSM - Part 10 - Dreadnoughts (again)

In an effort to allow players to customise their Dreadnoughts in any way they chose I ended up with this confusing mishmash of ideas.

So I've had a rethink.

I'm going to split the entry into 2 variants.

1) An assault version that will go in the Elites section.
2) A fire support version that will go into the Heavy Support section.

This post will deal with the Assault version

Chaos Dreadnought - 110 Points.

Dreadnought WS 5, BS 4, S 6, F 12, S 12, R 10, I 4, A 5

Unit Type - Vehicle (Walker)

Smoke Launchers, Searchlight, 2x Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon c/w Twin-Linked Bolter.

Special Rules
Crazed *, Bonded for an Eternity **

* Crazed - A millennia locked in the sarcophagus of a Dreadnought gradually eats away at the sanity of even the strongest mind - At the beginning of each turn roll a die for each Chaos Dreadnought, if the result is 2-6 the Dreadnought acts normally. Should the roll be a 1 however, the Dreadnought becomes subject to the 'Rage' and 'Fleet' special rules until the beginning of the next controlling players turn.

** Bonded for Eternity - The Dreadnought and pilot have endured an eternity of constant warfare and shrugs aside any damage that would keep them from destroying their prey - The Dreadnought ignores All 'Crew Shaken' and 'Crew Stunned' effects from any source.

One or both Twin-Linked Bolters may upgraded to Heavy Flamers for 5 points each.
May be equipped with a Havoc Launcher for 10 points.
May take a Dirge Caster *** for 5 points

*** Dirge Caster - Emits a terrifying mix of Screams, Wails, Scrapcode and unholy prayers to the Chaos Powers - Any enemy unit within 6" suffers a leadership modifier of -1, Any friendly Unit within 6" becomes 'Stubborn'.

May take one of the following Marks.

- Mark of Slaanesh : +1 I, counts as being armed with Assault Grenades - 10 points.
- Mark of Khorne : Gains D3 Attacks for charging rather than the normal 1. In addition a Dreadnought with the Mark of Khorne fails its 'Crazed' roll on a 1, 2 or 3 - 15 points.
- Mark of Nurgle : Counts as being armed with both Assault and Defensive Grenades - 15 points.
- Mark of Tzeentch : Gains a 5+ Invulnerable Save - 25 points

A Dreadnought that has taken the Mark of Slaanesh may take any of the following upgrades
- May exchange any Twin-Linked Bolter for a Sonic Blaster for 5 points
- May exchange any Twin-Linked Bolter for a Doom Siren for 10 point

A Dreadnought that has taken the Mark of Tzeentch may take any of the following upgrades
- Inferno Bolts for Twin-Linked Bolters - 5 points per Bolter

That should do it. A pure assault Dreadnought that will mess you up if it reaches you ;-)

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