I just want something I can never have.

As well as being a line from a Nine Inch Nails track which makes it automatically awesome the title of this post pretty much sums up how I feel at the moment.

Had two (well 2 and a half really) games of 40K today Vs. 2 very good friends of mine in an effort to finally tweak a list for a tournament on Saturday.

I learnt several very important things

1) Bad dice happen and good and bad luck are rarely evenly spread during any game I play recently :-(
2) I'm sick to fucking death of Marines.

Point 1 I was aware of anyway as my ability to roll 1's has become legendary, Point 2 came as more of a surprise.

A brief history.
I started off playing Chaos which I enjoyed from a 'Fluff' point of view but rapidly got bored of from a playing point of view.
Fortunately The hobby is very forgiving of 'Count As' so my Chaos 'Renegade' Marines (who apparently forgot to take any decent equipment with them to the Eye of Terror, but remembered to pack the Reaper Autocannons for some reason) easily became Renegade Marines who remembered to take cool stuff with them when they turned.
Then the Space Wolf codex turned up and they were pretty close to Chaos anyway so I switched Codex again (not permanently as sometimes I use lists that Space Wolves suck at).
Then a bit later Blood Angels got redone and they were ideal for my 3rd Company so I had a play around with them as well.

The Chaos Codex is what I'd love to play but unfortunately my competitive nature gets in the way of using that particular book (in the same way that I wouldn't saw off one leg, poke myself in the eye with a pointy stick and then have both my arms broken before I picked a fight with someone).
None of the other books quite do the job so I need to do something completely different. Unfortunately I need to do this completely different thing without spending any money as I'm currently an unemployed bum, lol.
So as detailed in this post I have dug out the pile of guardsmen (mostly still on sprues) that I had abandoned in a box and because I can't afford to buy anything to add to them I'll have to do a foot list. I also hate painting so that's going to open a whole new can of worms. It's also going to suck and fall apart Vs. 90% of the competitive builds about.

So there's the problem. I want an army that I can do with the stuff I have (99% of which is in Power Armour or Marine Vehicles), that Isn't like Marines because I'm fucking sick of them but doesn't involve painting over 150 Guardsmen...

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